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13 Mei 2009

Download: Laughingbird The Logo Creator

Create incredible logo designs that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over! It’s like having
your own logo design studios and make what your want!!

With The Logo Maker - you’ll get a portfolio full of logos that you can modify and customize yourself… for far less than what a designer will charge.Sell the logos you create! - That’s right! If you’re a graphics designer, logo maker, webmaster, small business owner, intrepreneur or service provider … you can sell the logos you create to your own customers!

Import and manipulate your own artwork, photos and clip art images!Easy to use tools!
Undo & Redo up to 60 times
Resize, rotate and fade opacity of ANY logo element!
Reflections, 3D and mirrored effects
Shadows, gradients, blurs and outlines

Circular text for badges and emblems
Import images and textures into text
Transparent and colored backgrounds
Group, ungroup and duplicate elements
Edit text size, font, spacing and coloring!

download link:

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dian 2 Juni 2009 22.45  

kalo yang ngak pake rapidshare ada ngak bos??

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